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The House Across The Street

Claudia, a lonely single mother and school nurse, is longing for connection. Her opportunity to be a hero comes when a young child in her community – Emily Winter – goes missing. Claudia becomes embroiled in the case and fixated on uncovering the truth. However, her fascination quickly begins to turn to obsession, not only with what happened to Emily, but also with the Winter family at the heart of the case - Emily's grief-stricken father, Owen; her cold mother, Sabine, and her twelve-year-old brother.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2022

IMDb: 4.5

Season 1 - The House Across The Street
"As the community turns on the Winters, Claudia is convinced that the police have made a mistake. Claudia, desperate to do something truly good with her life, takes drastic action."
"Claudia refuses to believe that George could be innocent and desperately starts digging into his past, choosing to ignore her increasing unease about her son's strange behaviour."
"Claudia gets suspicious of her neighbours when the search becomes a murder investigation."
"Claudia, recovering from cancer and sharing custody of her son, struggles to find meaning."