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The Batwheels are a team of sentient super-powered crimefighting vehicles that help Batman, Robin and Batgirl—as well as a host of additional DC Super Heroes—keep Gotham City safe. Created only recently by the Batcomputer, our mechanized heroes must navigate the growing pains of being a newly formed super-team as well as the growing pains that come with just being a kid.

Duration: 12 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2022

IMDb: 2

Season 1 - Batwheels
"Feeling neglected after being passed over on missions, Bam asks MOE to install experimental upgrades to curry Batman's favor. But, when Bam's new powers are stronger than he can control, Batman - and the mission - are suddenly in danger!"
"After Jestah's insults get the best of her, a short-tempered Bibi tries to not let the big-wheeled bully's words get to her so she can help Batgirl catch Harley."
"When Bam is sent to take on Prank, Redbird is forced to hang back because The Joker's van is too dangerous! When Bam discovers that Redbird secretly tagged along, he's upset... until Redbird bails him out of a tight spot."
"Everyone is ecstatic when Bibi, Batgirl, and Robin capture Toyman and his Do-Over remote - except for Bibi, who failed to stick the landing on a big jump. Unwilling to accept her failure, Bibi uses Toyman's Do-Over remote until she perfects her jump!"
"After he causes the Batwing to crash, Bam becomes obsessed with making it up to her during a high-stakes aerial mission against Penguin and his giant ducky blimp."
"When Buff befriends Mr. Freeze's snowcrawler Snowy, the other Batwheels bristle at the thought of hanging out with a "bad guy... " so Buff sets out to change their minds."
"After snagging an ultra-fuel-cell upgrade, Penguin's Ducky Boat suddenly becomes the fastest vehicle in Gotham City. Confident leader Bam must rally the Batwheels to stop the turbo-Ducky!"
"When Batman, Robin, and Batgirl are captured, the Batcomputer brings the Bat-Vehicles to life. The newly-minted Batwheels must defend the Batcave and face off with the Legion of Zoom – all without Batman’s help!"